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Thanksgiving Tradition to Last All Year

Looking for a thoughtful, yet simple way, to capture memories as family over the Thanksgiving?

It’s always a goal of mine as the Holidays come along and the family get together near and far.

Consider grabbing a cute canning jar, some paper and have family and friends write down something simple they are thankful for and put in the jar. Then they can be reviewed later in the day or weekend, or years to come! Or put it on a simple modern tree branch with a few punch holes pieces of paper next to it, as the gatherings begin or before dinner starts people can add to the tree.


Get the kids involved with being clever with a Kleenex box and turkey shapes.
Then date and keep for years to come, and read the following year, or read before the football starts as a group.

Looking at bringing the thanks to the table? Love the idea of people sitting down and chatting together while reflecting on the year.

So much to be thankful this season!

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