//Spicing-up the Traditional S’mores

Spicing-up the Traditional S’mores

With Memorial Day right around the corner, we thought the bonfires near the lake will be started—perfect timing  for new fireside recipes to share with family and friends!

Snacks, dinner or a special sweet treat, you choose and let us know your custom combinations with pictures and text messages. We will update and post our favorite custom combinations.

Bring a little snap, crackle and pork to your pit by wrapping strips of bacon along the length of a stick and roasting slowly over the flames. Beware: The aroma might attract the neighbors!

Aloha bites
Add some Hawaiian flavor to your night with skewers of ham and pineapple roasted over the open flames. The fire caramelizes the fruit, while escaping juices soak the meat. New spin to that pig roast! 

Deluxe hot dog roast
Hot dogs on a stick are classic, but why stop there? Up the flavor by slicing a sausage, stuffing it with cheese, wrapping it with bacon and then sticking it over the fire. Or, wrap hot dogs in canned biscuit dough and cook up outdoor pigs in blankets. Yummo!

Elvis s’mores
The King himself would swoon for marshmallows and bacon roasted over the fire, smooshed between slices of banana, smeared with peanut butter and bookended by graham crackers. Serious. Dare you to try it!

Grasshopper s’mores
Try adding a few York Peppermint Patties among the marshmallows on your stick. Smash it classic between 2 crackers or eat it plain, this one will be a hit!

Salty goodness
Add a bag of pretzels to your packing list and smash your marshmallow between the pretzel holes. The melty goodness will have that sweet salty snack you have been craving. Yes please!

Enjoy those outdoor fires all Summer long!


Some yummy ideas also credited to RE/MAX.com blog. 

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