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Quick (and pretty cheap) Holiday Decor With Greens and Wreaths

Ever feel like each year you’re just keeping up with the Jones’ Holiday decorating? How about keeping it simple and quick this year? We can help!

We put together a few quick and easy ideas for Holiday decor with local greenery and wreaths for inside and outside your home.

Keep it simple and go local to purchase!
Otten Bros
2350 West Wayzata Blvd. Long Lake, MN 55356
(952) 473-5425

3739 Tonkawood Road, Minnetonka, MN 55345

16800 Highway 55, Plymouth, MN 55446

Have you placed your wreath order yet? Check with your local boy scouts, churches and more. Then don’t forget your local hardware stores, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmarts and Hy-Vee’s for deals too! 

We divided the decorating into 2 categories, find 1 or 2 ideas below and consider yourself done.
Share your pictures and additional tips with us. We love hearing from you!

Exterior trimmings:
Getting your home ready to greet family and guests is as easy as hanging an unadorned yet beautiful boxwood wreath on the front door with a length of upholstery tape. Easy.

Instead of stringing lights all over the house, drape a few lengths of garland around the entry, with a wreath featuring pine cones and a bow at the door.

We love the idea of playing up any architectural features of your home with holiday greenery. An oversize wreath accentuates this sizable chimney next to the garland-wrapped door or over an outdoor pizza grill or fire pit.

Indoor wreathes and garlands:
Try a cheerful berry wreath and a few red accessories are all it takes to make this kitchen feel festive and fun without over thinking it!

Simply tuck greens along side your kitchen canisters and cake stands sitting on a hutch. Then add a wreath above your oven (you may like this all year round too).

Take advantage of the dining room chandelier if it provides a structure for greenery. You’re welcome.

Successful holiday decor doesn’t need to be complicated to be special. Ornaments strung from a piece of cute garland placed in the window.

Lengths of fresh garland woven through the banisters inside (or out). Don’t feel like it has to be super fancy or perfect. The green will pop with any color banister too!


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