//A New Deck For Your Home

A New Deck For Your Home

Summer begins, then the 4thof July is here and you may be thinking, why haven’t we put a deck on our home yet? You’re not alone. We teamed-up with the ugly deck company to get some questions answered for you on this hot topic.

– Q: is there such thing as a Good, Better, Best deck materials and plans?

Yes there’s many levels of design and materials for decks. Even in the maintenance free materials there are varieties. Showrooms are the best places to see these things.

Based on the standard deck size of 16×14 feet, Can you even build a deck for $5K anymore?


Less than $10K ?
Maybe. Close to it. The walk-out height would be something to look closely into, that adds cost.

What you need to start an estimate for your deck:

– Products for range of categories, so again showrooms or neighbor decks are key

– Design of deck

– Square footage of the deck or size desirable

– Material selections

– Accessories such as lights, post wraps

– Stairs? More often than not, decks have stairs

– Walk-out height? Look-out?

– Is there a ledger included on your home?

Next steps:

Think about what size your deck should be.

Take pictures of ones you like and talk to friends (and your real estate team) then you can talk materials and go to the showroom with a trustworthy company and rep.

Think about usability of your deck too while planning. Is your dining space close to the deck, so maybe a table isn’t needed, more grilling and lounge? Or is it an extension to your kitchen, so need dining space for 8-10 people.

Traditional deck quote ballpark with stairs 16×14

$14.5K cedar

$17K maintenance free, (remember there is a range in materials)

$22K high end = with deck railing and such

Remember the labor is all the same for decks.


Deck companies are usually are swamped until July 4th, then it dips and busy again in September and October.

Then November – February is their slow season and can still put on your deck in the Winter! Serious!

Thanks Scott from ScottS@UglyDeck.com for helping us learn a bit more about decks today!

Photos from Ugly Deck company.

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