//Our Minnesota State Fair 2017

Our Minnesota State Fair 2017

Who’s ready to dive into the latest foods, shows and rides at the Minnesota State Fair August 24th – Labor Day, Sept 4th? Your Real Estate Nation team has pulled together a few items to help you and your family navigate and plan your fun experience this year! 

You can buy tickets ahead at your local Cub Foods through 8/23 otherwise you can always buy tickets online too (so you don’t have to wait in line at the fair grounds)

  • Regular price Adult General Admission tickets: $14
  • Regular price Ride Sheets: $25 per ride/game sheet of 30 tickets

Looking for some music fun?
Maybe your interested to see Stevie Nicks, Toby Keith, Pentatonix, Usher or Sam Hunt? (Some are already selling out) but here is your main ticket link to review all grand stand acts.

Also remember Gate admission tickets may not be used for parking. Here’s parking info.

Who’s hungry?
We’re looking forward to lot’s of yummy new things at new and classic food vendor stands. Look up those new Duck Bacon Wontons, or some breakfast treats such as the Fall Guy Breakfast Panini or Honey Puffs that will go well with a hot AM coffee. Dairy barn fan? The Pie’n the Sky Malt and Sundae seems like a win-win! 


How many new food vendors this year at the Fair?
Actually 5 new food vendors! Including the NEW cheese curd stand…here’s a more details:

  1. The Donut Family serves cinnamon sugared mini donuts in bags and buckets, plus a variety of mini donuts covered in gourmet toppings and vanilla bean whipped cream.
  2. The Hideaway Speakeasy serves appetizers, breakfast ciabattas and panini sandwiches.
  3. Miller’s Flavored Cheese Curds serves three flavored varieties – ranch, garlic and jalapeño.
  4. Que Viet serves bubble tea in mango and strawberry flavors, giant egg rolls on-a-stick, garlic cream cheese wontons and cold-brewed Vietnamese iced coffee (all items except the wontons are gluten-free).
  5. Waffle Cones serves soft serve ice cream, dipped cones, floats, sundaes and specialty shakes and malts.

MAP out your favorites, our example is the New Miller’s Flavored Cheese Curds.

FULL MAP view and download.

Who’s a fair ride fan?

Did you know, we have the Great Big Wheel this year! Pictured here, even if you don’t ride it, it surely will be a sight!

The tallest traveling Ferris wheel in North America will carry riders 15 stories high into the sky for breathtaking views of the State Fairgrounds and beyond the Twin Cities. The 156-foot-tall Great Big Wheel boasts 36 enclosed gondolas each carrying six people and a spectacular lighting display of a half-million LED lights.

Daily, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. • $5 per rider

New Kidway Ride! Travel ‘round and ‘round and up and down aboard the new Clown Around ride, just for little tykes at Kidway.

How about new experiences and things to see?

NHL centennial fan area is new Sept 1-4, and Eco Experience, an array of new exhibits highlights the latest in easy, everyday reduce-reuse-recycle how-tos, healthy cooking, innovations in green technology and transportation, and other compelling topics on environmentally focused living. The Great Minnesota Knit Together Minnesota’s largest yarnbomb – a form of street art featuring crocheted, knitted and other crafted yarn creations to be part of, or take selfies with.

A full list of the events too can be found here.

We always recommend heading there in the early AM or late afternoon crowd leading into the night. Pick a weekday if possible to avoid that weekend rush. Or plan your trip on Saturday or Sunday night around 6PM, when the young kiddos are headed to bed and the Grand Stand crowd is headed inside with their tickets.

We love knowing you went and let us know if you learned something new or had the best food of your life!

Enjoy this Great Minnesota Get-Together August 24 thru Sept 4.

-Your Real Estate Nation Team 

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