//First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring

It comes every year and we are excited to see the bunny’s hop around the yard and the tulips start to poke through the still frosted ground.

But really what does the first day of spring mean? The first day of spring is the only time of year when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west for everyone across the world. It’s also the only moment each year that the Earth’s tilt is zero in relation to our sun. So, if you were standing on the equator, the sun would pass directly over your head.

The first day of spring is not the same day every year. The date changes each year since it is determined by the timing of the sun crossing over the Earth’s equator, which shifts ever so slightly depending on a few factors.

The Earth’s orbit is constantly changing in relation to the sun, while at the same time the gravity of other planets impacts the Earth’s location in space. Those physical dynamics coupled with the fact that each calendar year always has a different number of days (think leap years), means that the first day of springs varies slightly from year.

A little brush-up on #firstdayofspring facts for you and the water cooler.

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