//Color of the Year

Color of the Year

What color should be top of mind this year while being creative? 

“Ultra violet” PANTONE 18-3838 is this year’s color of the year. Every year a new color is highlighted and this Viking’s Purple made the top of their list.

Also think Prince, or David Bowie, or Jimi Hendrix, Pantone says. Think purple-toned pictures of stars scattered across the galaxy, the “vast and limitless night sky,” the “mysteries of the cosmos,” purple-lit meditation spaces.

For centuries, purple has been associated with royalty, because of the extraordinary expense of dying fabric purple… is this purple also a nod to the Royal Wedding coming this May?

Now this doesn’t mean you have to head down to the Home Depot and grab a gallon of Ultra Violet, but it’s fun to know to add a bit of pop to your current home designs.


Need inspiration on how to add a little Ultra Violet into your life? Here’s two ways to pop without reworking the entire room. A neutral office space, add the Violet with a touch of silver in a neutral white space.

Or within your gray modern living space, some pop of color will feel fun and bring conversation to the room.
Emphasize the warmth of the color of the year with warm metals, like gold, copper, bronze and brass.
Do you remember the color of the year in 2017? Let us refresh your memory here.

Pantone helps us with a list of items you can purchase for fun here too. Have fun scrolling through all those purple hues.

Download a Pantone color kit too

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