//Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

The New Beaujolais has arrived!  The third Thursday of every year begins a ritual with the new wine of the year (Nouveau) leaving little Beaujolais, France and making it’s way literally around the world in a matter of days.  It’s a favorite of ours and has become something of an unofficial Real Estate Nation tradition to deliver the wine and the good luck for the New Year that it brings with it.


In the Beaujolais region, all grapes are harvested by hand.  Each year, a portion of the harvest is set aside to make Nouveau.  It’s essentially a fast-forward process making wine that’s ready to drink this year, from this year’s grapes.  When it’s ready, it’s a race to get it out to the bars and cafes locally (and now the distributors too, for our sake!) and the annual party ensues.

The Nouveau is not fancy, not expensive, but is special.  It’s a celebration of the harvest, it’s fun new art on the labels and being part of a ritual that has expanded worldwide.  The lore says it will bring good luck in the New Year when you drink it in the year it was grown.  It’s an easy drinking wine and is just meant to be fun, not open for critique!  Nouveau is a red even for those who don’t drink red, perfectly okay to serve chilled, on the rocks, or in a Solo cup.  It might not be my first choice next to my steak but I think it goes great at a traditional Thanksgiving table, or with any salad, or on it’s own, or with some holiday cookies.

It doesn’t save well, throw away the cork when you open it then Cheers to the New Year!



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